Jul 13, 2018

Hola! I'm Sandra from yUXer.com where we love talking about user experience, web design, and development for the user. Ask me anything!

yUXer.com: I tend to disagree with your statement about limited trust from end users. If there is one thing social media has showed us is that we put more trust in technology than we possibly should. Ux design aims to provide the desired and delightful experien…
Jul 17, 2018

Independent UX Consultant & Mobile Specialist. Ask me anything about pursuing a career in UX or how to implement user-centered strategies in your business!

Ana Santos: There are many skills that will be specific to the role but some must-haves: Design thinking, empathy, user-centered design process (it's important that the candidate understands the whole process even if the role is specific), problem-solving skills…
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