AMA- A Truthful Insight Into the World of a Fashion Designer- With Tips

Shaunna Orton
Apr 14, 2018

A Truthful Insight Into the World of a Fashion Designer- With Tips

Dear readers, 

As a write this, I confess I’m not a famous designer... yet :)  However, I am successful in my field. I have come across a lot of young girls with dreams of glamour or those who think Fashion Designing is a piece of cake.  So let me tell you what it’s actually like.

My college is one of the most prestigious to get into in my country. The first day our Head of Design walked in and told us ‘Before the first year is over, 50% of you will have left.”  I determined NOT to fall into that category, promised myself to work my ass off.  If you cannot take criticism, please do not join a fashion college.  But if you do, understand that everything is a learning experience. My day started at 8.30am sometimes working in the studio till 10pm without eating.  Not to make it sound like a drag, there were some amazing times and friendships made along the way!

If you want to get ahead here are some simple steps you can take :


The fashion world has some of the most opinionated people. Don’t be discouraged... filter out the good advice from the plain well... bitches.


I being slightly anti-social, am not a fan of this. But if you are in this business, grab every opportunity that presents itself to make good contacts- After parties/Fashion Shows/or even a house party. I started my blog and got a 5 bridal orders from that! You have to get your name out in the market.


Guys listen- YOUR AESTHETIC IS YOU SIGNATURE - If you wanna be remembered, find your innate style that makes you unique.


Giving you clients something different is a sure way to spread your name around.


Now when I started my Kids wear line, We barely had enough money for a paper ad let alone full scale marketing. But Social media is the key. It’s not too expensive and you can get great results from it if you market right!

I hope this was helpful to you guys! Wish you all the success in your careers!

Written by Shaunna Orton Co-Owner of  Beryl of Monkeys Organics

Insta handle  shaunzie_orton


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What is one thing about the design process that would surprise most people?
Apr 21, 8:59AM EDT0
What kind of questions do you ask before beginning a design project? Which piece of information is of utmost value?
Apr 21, 7:10AM EDT0
What are some of your current fashion obsessions?
Apr 21, 2:47AM EDT0
What tools or strategies do you use to stay organized and productive?
Apr 20, 8:13PM EDT0
What is your biggest dream about fashion?
Apr 18, 7:43PM EDT0
How did you decide to start doing fashion in the first place?
Apr 18, 1:06PM EDT0
How do you think one can best penetrate the market when starting as a beginner?
Apr 18, 3:13AM EDT0

Get the right contacts by socializing and learn about the fashion world from them

Apr 18, 1:09PM EDT0
Where do you see yourself in the following five years?
Apr 17, 3:06AM EDT0

I would love to take my company world wide!

Apr 17, 4:55AM EDT0
Do you have a favourite brand or designer, and why are those your favourite?
Apr 17, 2:14AM EDT0

Givenchy by Ricardo To chi. Amazing man so beautiful and minimalistic

Apr 17, 4:56AM EDT0
When do you think fashion designing becomes a kind of abstract art?
Apr 16, 9:44PM EDT0
When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a fashion designer? What sparked your interest in fashion?
Apr 16, 10:22AM EDT0

I loved dressing up from when I was a little girl. It seemed natural to Me!

Apr 16, 2:34PM EDT0
Who is your biggest role model and why?
Apr 16, 7:30AM EDT0
How long does it take to graduate as a fashion designer? Is formal education necessary for succeeding in this filed?
Apr 15, 11:35AM EDT0

You can apply for design school after 12th grade. It's usually a 3 year diploma course and a 2 year masters after that

Apr 15, 11:51AM EDT0
What are the common myths about fashion that you learned are wrong?
Apr 15, 4:15AM EDT0

Good question! Well I learned that women are mostly NOT a size zero, yet we make clothes mostly for skinny models. Gladly that concept is slowly changing.

Apr 15, 7:44AM EDT0
Do you think that the taste in fashion can be a part of a good critic?
Apr 14, 11:22PM EDT0

Every one has their own likes and dislikes. So it a hard question to answer! But beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Apr 15, 7:39AM EDT0
I you were not what you are today, what would you be doing?
Apr 14, 10:24PM EDT0

I would love to travel the world or be a chef!

Apr 15, 7:38AM EDT0
What is the competition like in the world of fashion?
Apr 14, 1:47PM EDT0

It depends on the type of customer they are catering too. but yes competition is in all scopes of the market, you just have to have a good USP for your brand.

Apr 14, 4:06PM EDT0
What was your inspiration for your Kids wear line? Why did you choose to focus on this niche?
Apr 14, 12:15PM EDT0

Kidswear is a great market with good scope. Parents are always looking nice things to buy their little ones. So it is a return consumer market.  

Apr 14, 4:03PM EDT0
Who is your biggest support in what you do and why?
Apr 14, 10:08AM EDT0

My biggest supporter is my partners and my mom. They are my sounding boards to bounce ideas off and support me.

Apr 14, 3:59PM EDT0
What was the hardest part of your career so far?
Apr 14, 5:51AM EDT0

In the beginning my personal life suffered a lot cause I had to focus on setting up my company, Careerer wise, Finding a good team is hard

Apr 14, 3:58PM EDT0
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