AMA about Bra making, sewing clothing, bags and other things!!!

Britt Du Plessis
Apr 16, 2018

I run a sewing business from home and have been sewing clothing for myself and family for over 35 years. I started sewing bras, lingerie, sleepwear and swimwear 10 years ago and I love it. I also sew curtains, bags and toys. Please ask me for any kind of help, advice or technique. Visit my facebook pages here

and here

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What advice do you have for girls and women who struggle with body image?
Apr 22, 9:57PM EDT0
How do you go about getting yourself known in the lingere world?
Apr 21, 10:22AM EDT0

Hi Marajavs. Thanks for asking.....I use the internet for getting my name out, especially faebook, but most of my clients are referals. Most people are embarrassed talking about underwear, I do not know why as everyone wears it, and if you are struggling to get the right fit, there must be something wrong with you. I have atually noticed that, when the subject comes up in a group, 70% of the ladies have some issue with underwear. Once you can put their mind at ease and SHOW that you can ACTUALLY help them, you are on your

Apr 22, 2:27AM EDT0
What are your future goals for Brittscreations? What do you love about the business?
Apr 21, 1:15AM EDT0

Hi Reeench. Thank you for asking...Britt's Creations would love to grow to employ a couple of local sewing ladies, have a brand name and be available to clothe all people in equal comfort and

Apr 21, 4:12AM EDT0
Does owning a sewing business change your own way of seeing/sewing lingerie?
Apr 20, 11:07PM EDT0

Hi Debenjy91. Thank you for asking....  What changed when I started sewing lingerie is that I would look more closely at people and quickly noticing when their undergarments are not well-fitting....Making mental notes all the time and testing new methods of sewing when I got home...Makes life interesting but sometimes embrassing - when a lady noticed me looking she asked directly - when I explained she was quite upset, took my card and rushed off. I was amazed when she phoned me a week later - now she is a good friend and

Apr 21, 4:10AM EDT0
Who’s your target market? Did you notice any trends in the business?
Apr 20, 10:31PM EDT0

Hi Wajdankhan2018. Good question too!! My target market is anyone that cannot fit into ready made clothing. No specific trend as far as fashion goes, but my customers strive for comfort, affordability and quality. I try my best to give them all

Apr 21, 3:46AM EDT0
What was/is your best learning source about lingerie sewing?
Apr 20, 12:22PM EDT0

Hi Beautybliss07. A very good question, indeed!! Lingerie opened up all sorts of new possibilities and moved my thinking away from the norm. Once I started creating it was difficult to stop - new elastics, new stitching methods and new ideas just came frome nowhere....It was great to discover that anything goes!!! xxx

Apr 21, 3:41AM EDT0
What is career success for you? What more do you want to accomplish?
Apr 19, 4:00PM EDT0

Hi Rylouise777. Thank you for asking. "Success is getting what you want - Happiness is wanting what you get" is a quote I live by. I am not impressed with money or by what other people think. I am a loner and measure my success by what I have achieved and not by what others have. I think competition is healthy but the way it has been driven in the last 2 decades makes no sense to me. I feel that I have acomplished much in my life and, having set my own goals and standards, I am quite happy with where I am at, at the moment. When opportunity knocks - I will certainly take the new challange...Thank you for asking....xx

Apr 21, 3:38AM EDT0
What are some of your most popular designs? Where can one check out your work?
Apr 19, 2:26AM EDT0

Hi Csaavedra1509....I love working with lace and lycra and they lend themselves well to all of my designs. You are welcome to visit my Facebook pages

Hope you like whaqt you see.....XX

Apr 19, 3:46AM EDT0
Have you ever thought about trying to sell your products in department stores with your name as a designer on them? Why haven't you done that yet?
Apr 18, 5:54PM EDT0

Hi Shakeel...Thank you for asking.... I tried the department stores. They are difficult and actually just want sales. Catering to people that have odd sized bodies is not in their interest, which is good for me. There are a few in the city that are willing to advertise my services to customers that they cannot help, but not always over-eargerly....xx

Apr 21, 4:15AM EDT0
Have you ever thought of setting up your own store and sell your designs?
Apr 18, 11:49AM EDT0

Hi Starfall1. No, I have not. I would like to keep offering my clients the exclusivity that they enjoy now. I store would be ineffective when making clothing to order.....Thanks for your

Apr 19, 3:35AM EDT0
A lot of women struggle with properly determining their bra size. Do you have any tips on how to get them right?
Apr 18, 2:31AM EDT0

Hi Jenespulgar. This is a wonderful question and it has a very easy answer. The patterns that I use need 3 measurements. Overbust, underbust and a back width. Most garment stores im my country only work with the first 2. This will most certainly ensure that the cup size will be wrong. The back width, measured from where the arm lies against the body, to the same place on the other side, gives a measurement excluding the protrusion of the bust. (I hope you understand what I am trying to explain. ) Have a look here....Hope this answers your question but feel free to contact me for more assistance...XXX

Apr 18, 2:49AM EDT0
How did you come to the idea to begin sewing exactly these types of clothing?
Apr 16, 5:51AM EDT0

Hi Luisarguelles. Thanks for asking. I presume you are talking of the underwear. I was actually sitting in a tupperware gathering and there was a large lady talking about how she could not find feminine undergarments in her size. I cornered her after the meet and decided there and then to investigate the possibilities. Would you believe? The research paid off. Once I realised that the stores were not catering to the fuller, larger figure I just got myself organised....Living in South Africa makes getting hold of supplies difficult but the rest of the world has plenty to offer. I bought patterns from Canada, USA and Australia before discovering a local supplier. It has been an interesting journey......xx

Apr 16, 7:28AM EDT0
Do you find kids` reactions to the toys you make a good motivation to keep working on this type of products?
Apr 16, 3:06AM EDT0

Hi Gilbertkoech 97.  Thank you for your question. Certainly!! Kids have the most amazing ability to appreciate the smallest delight. I wish I knew more

Apr 16, 7:22AM EDT0
Do you plan on taking on another type of clothing and expanding your business with a bigger offer?
Apr 16, 1:54AM EDT0

Hi Jeanua. Yes!!! I would make any type of clothing if it could keep me busy and generate a regular flow of income. Thanks for

Apr 16, 7:20AM EDT0
Do you think that fashion is an underestimated kind of art?
Apr 15, 11:55PM EDT0

Hi Econjulio. Fashion is an art - as far as these wayout designers go. I believe that clothing can make a fashion statement but I prefer clothing to be practical, wearable and comfortable. I cannot think that regular working people would be interested in working in some of the funny designer piees that are manufactured....Thanks for asking. xx

Apr 16, 7:18AM EDT0
Are the toys difficult to handle when sewing? Does it require a big help from some kind of machines?
Apr 15, 5:10AM EDT0

Hi Haseeb.  Toys are a real challange, especially when they are small. I do not have a spcial machine and sometimes there is a lot of hand sewing involved. Thanks for asking....

Apr 15, 9:32AM EDT0
Do you make clothing pieces by order or do you produce them for market?
Apr 14, 1:45PM EDT0

Hi Tanya. Thank you for asking.... I would love to produce for a market that orders weekly or monthly. At the moment I make to order only but I look forward to growing....xx

Apr 15, 9:32AM EDT0
How hard was it to actually get the sewing business moving?
Apr 14, 12:29PM EDT0

Hi Shweta. Thanks for asking.... It is actually not too difficult. There are certain aspects which are key to any successful business. The first is surely giving your customer what he/she requires. Second is that the workmanship must be of high quality and thirdly, the price must be aceptable too. Once you have these in place word of mouth carries your business.....xx

Apr 15, 9:29AM EDT0
Do you have a role model in your area of work, and if yes, who is it?
Apr 14, 5:56AM EDT0

Hi. No I do not have a role model. I actually think the mordern designers are really lacking in style, comfort and practicality. I love to make my clothing practical. It needs to fulfil a role and giving a customer a comfortable item of clothing is good enough for me. Thanks for your question....xx

Apr 14, 6:09AM EDT0
What are the trickiest materials to work with in sewing lingerie?
Apr 13, 10:52AM EDT0

Hi Bojana. Chiffon is certainly the most difficult to work with. It is like quicksilver....the others, like lycra and lace behave very well when cutting and sewing.....Thanks for asking....xx

Apr 14, 2:52AM EDT0
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