AMA - Props, Costumes and Cosplay Design

Jordan Fedke
Apr 13, 2018

Hi all,

I'm Jordan Fedke owner of Destoryer Props a cosplay, film and larping prop and costume design company that focuses on making high-end props and costumes.

I'll be here to talk about any cosplay, larping and film prop and costume making/design tips. I also can explain how to make some sets and do DIY Projects around the home, I can explain and demonstrate character design and prop design through game art and concept art


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There are many of color, patterns and textures in the cosplay costumes, what prompted be so much interested in that direction?
Apr 20, 5:26PM EDT0
Where do you source all the accessories from?
Apr 20, 4:29PM EDT0
How can normal people wear the styling costumes without looking like they're wearing a costume?
Apr 20, 3:52PM EDT0
Did you have any favorite outfits from the movies?
Apr 20, 1:29PM EDT0
How did this job differ from more conventional costume design?
Apr 20, 12:09PM EDT1
How do you try to support the themes of the cosplay through costume?
Apr 20, 6:22AM EDT1

i look at the environment and the props and the feel of the character and apply the effects to give that sense of realism to the cosplay

Apr 20, 6:59AM EDT0
How did you first get into cosplay costume design?
Apr 20, 12:26AM EDT1

making swords when i was a kid in my dad's shed and then my love of dressing up in musicals

Apr 20, 5:00AM EDT0
How much of the costuming process is a collaborative effort between you and the actors?
Apr 19, 9:23PM EDT1

Mainly just the fitting process and if you can get them in for lifecasting.

Apr 20, 4:59AM EDT0
What are some of the best things cosplay designing has taught you about yourself?
Apr 18, 11:29PM EDT1

that im a perfectionist, tho that can also be a negitive sometimes.

My attention to detail.

But most of all the fun and thrill i get from seeing other people happy and smiling especially the kids when the see their favourite super hero. 

Apr 19, 11:08AM EDT0
How do you strike a balance between staying true to the iconography of the cosplay, and the need to make practical modern costumes for the cosplayers?
Apr 18, 11:40AM EDT1

it is very difficult because even tho the iconography is great as a sales item for their ease and low cost factor the modern physical prop/costume cost so much to make and mass produce so really its just finding both the time and money to afford to do the physical which is so entertaining to make.

Apr 19, 11:06AM EDT0
Is there a next step beyond the cosplay designing, or has it become a part of your focal point now?
Apr 18, 5:11AM EDT1

More Film, Threater Prop and costume design and hopefully a Game art studio too

Apr 18, 7:25AM EDT0
What has been the most outrageous costume you have designed so far? Whats the story behind it?
Apr 14, 6:47PM EDT1

probably a Monk Wukong design i did for a friend for his larping.

Apr 14, 8:31PM EDT0
Have you ever used your talents to create something for your own entertainment purposes?
Apr 14, 3:48PM EDT1

Most of my social media work is what ive made for myself, and i like to make random stuff in my spare time

Apr 14, 8:30PM EDT0
Do you have a standard design process for all your costumes or do you work on each project in different ways?
Apr 14, 2:08PM EDT1

For costumes i find reference, then make templates on the customer or on a cast of them, then build and modify to look correct.

For Props i find the item, Find the size, Do a template, then create the prop.

Apr 14, 8:29PM EDT0
What was the most labour-intensive project that you’ve made in cosplay world?
Apr 14, 12:53PM EDT1

Probably have to be atm Artorias, but i do have plans on making Geralt of Rivia, and a Diablo 3 Shadow Hunter Build and they are quit massive builds

Apr 14, 8:27PM EDT0
How does the social etiquette of the cosplay world impact your design choices?
Apr 14, 12:51PM EDT1

Well it does limit my designs a little since it has to be a set character and when i start working on that character i try and get it as accurate as i possibly can.

Apr 14, 8:26PM EDT0
Besides Japan, which country or region do you think is quite popular in getting popular in cosplay? What's the reason for the growing popularity?
Apr 14, 11:43AM EDT1

Id have to say Australia, USA and the United Kingdom. Theres no one reason for the growth but if i had to pick one id say it because of everyone love of being their favourite character.

Apr 14, 8:24PM EDT0
Do you or have you ever been a part of larping, or are you just on the costume side?
Apr 14, 6:02AM EDT1

at the moment just on the costume side, but i do have plans to try larping with some of my friends that larp

Apr 14, 6:03AM EDT0
What has been the worst accident or injury you have witnessed or experienced during a larping session?
Apr 14, 2:42AM EDT1

unfortunately i havent actually done larping yet myself but im sure there are some but not at a major injury level

Apr 14, 3:53AM EDT0
What materials do you prefer to use when creating weapons and why?
Apr 13, 10:20PM EDT1

depends on the budget, if it has needs to be cheap i prefer to use eva foam because it still can look high quality, otherwise id make it out of MDF or 3D print then id cast it so i can make it out of resin, Polyurathain foam, epoxy or latex

Apr 13, 10:39PM EDT0