Ask me about home design and home textiles. AMA me about duvets, pillows

Tapti Tapan
Apr 11, 2018

I am a Fashion Designer and came out with a home line which consists of duvets covers which can be used as duvet covers, throws, bedspreads, blankets for the couch or the bed. Ask me about the latest collection and how you can incorporate the collection in your home, and in your lifestyle.  Ask me about fabric, colors and price points.  I will be happy to answer questions you might have.


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What do you think is the future of textile design? What're your views/thoughts about minimalism?
Apr 18, 12:54PM EDT1
What do you do when you’re running out of time on a project?
Apr 16, 4:15PM EDT0

i have to make decisions and finish the project and put my life on hold.

Apr 16, 11:43PM EDT0
When does pillow design become too excentric?
Apr 16, 3:36PM EDT0

as excentric as you want it to be.

Apr 16, 11:42PM EDT0
Who would be your ideal brand or client to work on, and why?
Apr 16, 10:33AM EDT0

I would work with YSL since I like their design Aesthetics. 

Apr 16, 10:45AM EDT0

I would work with YSL since I like their design Aesthetics.   I like their shine, shimmer, component which goes well with mine. 

Apr 16, 10:47AM EDT0
Do you use a sketchbook? If not, what preparatory work do you do?
Apr 14, 1:09PM EDT0

i do use a sketbook or just blank paper. 

Apr 15, 11:13PM EDT0
Do you make your products by order or do you make them yourself for the market?
Apr 14, 6:10AM EDT0

both, i make a collection and I take custom made orders

Apr 15, 11:13PM EDT0
How would you describe your work and where do you think it lies, within the sphere of contemporary art?
Apr 14, 3:20AM EDT0

my work is quiet modern, hence its contemporary.  

my work has an edge, its adventorous with lots of asymetrical aspects to it. 

Apr 15, 11:14PM EDT0
What's on your life bucket list?
Apr 13, 6:17PM EDT0

its on my subconsious.

Apr 13, 10:08PM EDT0
How do you get unstuck creatively and what are some of the causes for you to become creatively blocked?
Apr 13, 6:10AM EDT0

stress. i would assume.

Apr 13, 10:07PM EDT0
In your career as a designer, what has been some of the most surprising and unexpected places and situations from which you have drawn creative stimulation?
Apr 13, 5:59AM EDT0

on the streets and nature.

Apr 13, 10:07PM EDT0
How do you stay up to date with current trends, technology, and codes?
Apr 12, 7:14PM EDT0

i follow trends, i go to shows, read fashion manuscripts and create my own .

Apr 12, 11:03PM EDT0

I follow trends and read.

Apr 13, 10:07PM EDT0
What does a successful project mean to you?
Apr 12, 5:00PM EDT0

where you learn, and the results are as you expected and you make money

Apr 12, 6:49PM EDT0
What would you say about your creative process is unique and unfamiliar when compared to mainstream designers?
Apr 12, 10:36AM EDT0

i look for inspirations and I follow my gut. i read and follow trends

Apr 12, 6:50PM EDT0
How do you determine the goals of a design project and what are your thought processes when attempting to develop a design solution?
Apr 12, 10:21AM EDT0

i see what i would like to accomplish from it and I look for comfort, functionality and design aesthetics

Apr 12, 6:51PM EDT0
What processes do you use to manage a project budget and what are the reasons for this choice?
Apr 12, 6:12AM EDT0

i review the budget very carefully and keep that in mind at every step.

Apr 12, 6:54PM EDT0
How would you describe your signature style and how do you manage to incorporate this style into the differing areas of design with which you are currently involved?
Apr 12, 6:09AM EDT0

i follow the same method. my color choice, my fabric choices and an inspiration

Apr 12, 6:55PM EDT0
What is the warranty period on your textile workmanship?
Apr 12, 6:09AM EDT0

there is no warranty.

Apr 12, 6:55PM EDT0
What emotional and professional reactions would you have in a situation in which a client disliked your work?
Apr 12, 3:50AM EDT0

i would say ok. better luck next time and I will find someone else who likes it and will buy it from me.

Apr 12, 6:56PM EDT0
When did you land your first internship and what about the experience made you want to continue your career as a designer?
Apr 12, 2:13AM EDT0

I was in college when i found my first internship. its hard work even in college and then after putting in so many hours and not only just hours but your whole being, it becomes too late to give up.

Apr 12, 6:57PM EDT0
Do you custom make textile pieces with regard to your home textiles and, if so, how do you help your clients discover and communicate their style to you without being influenced by your own tastes?
Apr 11, 2:19PM EDT0

yes i do custom made work. the clients can bring mood boards, color swatches or inspirations and the samples of fabrics that they like to use. 

Apr 11, 3:06PM EDT0