I'm a young, entrepreneurial, freelance graphic designer. AMA

May 12, 2018

Hello everyone! I'm Aleenah (see my picture below), a 17-year-old tech-obsessed student-turned-freelance graphic designer. I study whilst working and I love what I do. I create anything from album covers to business cards and am also a huge fan of calligraphy and typography, which I practice on a daily basis. Ask Me Anything!

Twitter: @Aleenah_14

Instagram: @Aleenahworks

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Whose designing work do you admire the most and why?
May 19, 4:29AM EDT0
Do you ever share your designing work on the social media?
May 19, 4:24AM EDT0
Do you see yourself exploring more realms of designing field or will you continue to be a graphic designer?
May 19, 1:25AM EDT0
How have you found the work you’ve had to date — has most of it come from completely new clients or companies you’ve worked for previously?
May 17, 7:13PM EDT0
Considering the skills you have, which ones do you consider to be the biggest asset for designing work?Do you freelance globally? How do you compete with global freelancers and the availability of abundant talent often times willing to work for a fraction of the cost that you were used to seeing while you worked for a company?
May 17, 3:28PM EDT0
Who is your typical client at the moment? What kinds of sites have they asked you to develop?
May 17, 12:39AM EDT0

I don't really have a typical client but there are three types of clients that I come across: number one, the one who takes your work and never pays (although these are rare!), the client that you just chat with and get the work done, and the really nice client that cares about you and you have a great talk with them whilst working! Right now, I've got a font to make, 3 logos to do and a few banners :)

May 17, 6:03AM EDT0
Are you working on any type-related design projects right now? Something with fonts?
May 15, 2:10PM EDT0

To be honest, I don't get many commissioned type pieces but I do love to make them in my own time, especially to out in my Instagram. I will be working on a few pieces for Eid as gifts

May 15, 11:42PM EDT0
What would be your biggest piece of advice for aspiring designers/typographers?
May 15, 6:10AM EDT0

Keep practising! I picked up on my skills better when I was practising virtually every day. Also, try and experiment with different styles. I am in the middle of that and it is quite fun!

May 15, 10:33AM EDT0
Are there any designs you are looking forward to learning more about and practice?
May 14, 9:23PM EDT0

I want to learn more typography and as I am going to start to apply for university, I've been asking every uni if they cover typography!

May 15, 10:34AM EDT0
What has been your biggest learning lesson as a freelance graphic designer?
May 14, 8:58AM EDT0

Trust. People like to exploit you for free designs and just last night, I've had someone that has took all my files and not paid. It's hard to trust people on the internet

May 15, 10:35AM EDT0
Do you add your aesthetic designs to your personal space, say your home or room?
May 14, 4:25AM EDT0

Not really but I do like to make things for members of my family, such as prints, so they are hung up around the house.

May 14, 5:34AM EDT0
If you are asked to pick one out of calligraphy or typography, what would you like to learn more about and why?
May 13, 3:56PM EDT0

I would like to learn more typography because it can be varied more and you can create more different pieces, plus it incorporates calligraphy 😉

May 14, 3:52AM EDT0
How would you describe your design aesthetic?
May 13, 12:49AM EDT0

Very colourful, cartoony and bright!

May 13, 6:15AM EDT0
How, do you think, your clients would describe working with you?
May 13, 12:37AM EDT0

I think I'm quite friendly yet professional and hardworking, yet fun to work with!

May 13, 6:14AM EDT0
What types of design projects do you enjoy working on the most and why?
May 12, 8:25AM EDT0

I enjoy working on cartoon drawings because they are really fun to make and I love looking at the whole process afterwards!

May 12, 8:27AM EDT0
Which Design Software Programs do you most dislike and what are your reasons for disliking them?
May 12, 4:33AM EDT0

I don't really like Adobe Sketch on the iPad as it's quite confusing (the Adobe Illustrator app on an iPad). Even though I do use Adobe Illustrator, I don't really like it and use it for much because the version I've got, CS6, is quite basic. I'd love the whole Creative Cloud suite of Adobe apps bit they are too expensive to afford 😭

May 12, 7:27AM EDT0
Where did your love for design come from?
May 11, 5:24PM EDT0

I don't know : I guess I've always loved being on a computer and making things, that's where my name Aleenahworks came from, and I started selling cards and name prints. I don't know how I came across my college course but I enrolled in it and my love for design grew with everything I learnt.

May 12, 7:24AM EDT0
Who are some of the graphic designers that you look up to?
May 11, 6:21AM EDT0

I don't really have any graphic designer I look up to, rather I look up to hand letterers and calligraphers instead, such as Stefan Kunz, Peggy Dean and Ian Bernard (check out their work!)

May 11, 8:29AM EDT0
How long does it take to learn graphic design?
May 11, 6:06AM EDT0

I learnt it quite quick, within a month with college and I suppose it would take that much if you did an online course as well, but I'm always learning!

May 11, 8:29AM EDT0
Are you still in high school? How do you balance your studies with your work?
May 10, 10:10PM EDT0

I am still in college/sixth form/year 12 but I don't have a lot of work outside lessons, cause I work quite quickly. However, if I do have any outstanding work, I make sure to finish that before freelancing.

May 11, 3:46AM EDT0
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