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The Art of Designing and Writing - A Cover Designer/Artist and Indie Author's Journey AMA

Katie Jenkins
Aug 28, 2018 11:00AM EDT

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My given name is Kathryn Jenkins, however, I go by two different names. In the author world I write under the name, K.M. Jenkins, and through my design business, I go by Katie.

I have been writing for several years now and just recently self-published a short story, “A Father’s Protection”. Besides working on getting my writings into print I have come to love the Indie author community. I got more involved in this community back in 2013 when I researched the path of self-publishing my own works.

This love for books, writing and meeting authors of all paths of life inspired my college life. I planned on getting a degree in journalism/mass communication when I attended Briar Cliff University. However, that changed when graphic design caught my attention. I found out how graphic design worked hand in hand with the publishing industry, then decided I wanted to become a cover designer.

Several of my designer friends went into the corporate world, however, I started my own business. I am the proud owner of KJ Magical Designs, LLC. I provide indie and self-published authors services from custom cover designs, pre-made covers, promotional ad services, and plan to add author branding options.

Ask me questions related to cover design, author branding, the indie and self-published world, or any acts of this industry that interests you. I’m an open book and will be happy to take any road your question leads me down.

Thank you,

Katie Jenkins

KJ Magical Designs, LLCK.M. Jenkins -Paranormal Romance & Fantasy Author

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How you became interested in writing about the paranormal?
Aug 19, 12:23PM EDT0
How would you describe your writing style? What characterizes it?
Aug 18, 12:17PM EDT0
What was the inspiration for writing your recent short story, A Father’s Protection? How long did it take you to write it?
Aug 17, 8:16PM EDT0
As a designer, what resources do you use to improve your skills?
Aug 16, 8:23PM EDT0
What are the differences between designing book covers and designing covers for audio books, ad graphics and banners?
Aug 15, 11:35PM EDT0
What are the benefits of using stock images as the basis of the cover design?
Aug 14, 8:55AM EDT0
Do you have any advice for a newcomer author trying to establish a brand for his books?
Aug 14, 7:29AM EDT0
What are the challenges that indie authors face when trying to break in the publishing industry?
Aug 13, 2:10PM EDT0
What skills and abilities do you need in order to become a book cover design?
Aug 12, 8:52PM EDT0
Do you have experience using print-on-demand services? What are the advantages these services offer to self-published authors?
Aug 12, 7:39PM EDT0
When creating a book cover, what are the attributes that you always try to incorporate in your designs?
Aug 11, 6:30PM EDT0
When did the idea for creating your design business come to you and how did you go about building your company?
Aug 10, 11:00PM EDT0
What themes did you use for your story “A Father’s Protection” and how was your writing process?
Aug 10, 8:12PM EDT0
What kind tools or software do you use when designing and why have you chosen these specific tools?
Aug 10, 6:34PM EDT0
From where do you get the inspiration for your book covers?
Aug 10, 5:48PM EDT0
What is involved in the process of designing and developing a book cover? How long does it take on average?
Aug 10, 11:45AM EDT0
How many book covers have you designed so far and do you have any favorites among them?
Aug 10, 3:21AM EDT0
What packages and services you offer through KJ Magical Designs, LLC?
Aug 10, 1:42AM EDT0

How important is communication between the author and yourself during the design process?

Aug 9, 5:04PM EDT0
Do you need to read the whole book in order to design the cover? How much input do you allow from the author of the book with regards to the design of the cover?
Aug 9, 4:47PM EDT0
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